Main Steel Polishing increases capabilities

October 14, 2008

Main Steel Polishing Co. Inc., has announced additions to its plant in Bartlett, Ill. The additions will increase the capacity of the company's coil polish line and its plate buff line.

In August the company installed a 60,000-lb. by 60-in. Braner uncoiler with an overarm and a sliding base for its coil polish line. The addition enables the line to handle 40,000-lb. inbound coils, increasing capability by 10,000 lbs. Future plans include an increase in crane capacity to match the uncoiler.

The company's new 96-in. by 305-in. aluminum and stainless buff line, the company's second buff line, will be housed in the building addition. The line will double the facility's capacity to serve the truck-trailer and architectural industries.

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