Beckwood installs 25-in.-dia. sheet hydroforming press for customer

August 29, 2014

St. Louis-based Beckwood Press Co., a manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses and sheet hydroforming presses, has built and installed a Triform deep draw sheet hydroforming press for a U.S. science, technology, and engineering company. The model 25-10-12SC features a 25-in.-dia. forming area, 10,000 PSI of forming pressure, and a 12-in. draw depth capacity.

The customer performs a diverse combination of low-volume, high-mix production. The press offers programmability, minimal tool requirements, and simple tool changeover, according to the manufacturer.

Bladder pressure and punch position can be programmed through the control system in up to 30 individual recipe steps per cycle and retained for future recall, contributing to process repeatability. New part development is supported with on-board technologies such as Triform’s In-Sight feature, which allows operators to set and open the chamber at a desired point and as many times as required during the form cycle for a visual inspection of the part at each selected step.

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