All Metals Fabrications adds tube laser cutting machine

March 14, 2017

Ogden, Utah-based All Metals Fabrication (AMF) has purchased a Mazak FabriGear II 220. The 4-kW laser is designed for fast cutting of heavy wall pieces of tube, pipe channel, beam, angle, and custom extrusion. The laser handles tubing up to 8 in. dia. and 6 in. square in lengths up to 24 ft.

The tapered laser torch allows the laser cutting head to get into tight corners, resulting in the flexibility to cut any shape or size. The 5-axis system handles squares, rounds, T's, channels, angles, and beams. Parts can be formed, angle cut, notched, or beveled, and they can be designed to fit together with tabs, hooks, slots, and hole locators, eliminating setup and jigging costs.

According to the company, gaps, spaces, and out-of-square issues can be eliminated. Grooves and joints can be prepped and ready for immediate welding, eliminating the grinding and beveling often required for proper fillets and weld assembly.

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