Automotive expert heralds return of Big Three

May 16, 2011

Automotive expert heralds return of Big Three -

"We’re back." That's how Emmy Award-winning automotive journalist John McElroy described the U.S. auto industry at a recent event at TRUMPF's Laser Technology Center in Plymouth, Mich.

Trumpeting the triumph of U.S. automakers as "the new reality," McElroy added, “There is no question the American automotive market is almost fully competitive with any place in the world."

The industry expert made the remarks during his May 10 address to about 100 manufacturers and engineers who had gathered to see the latest laser technology from TRUMPF, including the TruLaser Cell 8030, which was formally introduced to the U.S. market during the event.

McElroy explained that one of the Big Three's biggest problems is that they produce vehicles that are heavier than those made by their international competitors. Designed specifically for laser cutting of hot-stamped, 3-D components, the five-axis laser machine helps manufacturers create products that are lighter and stronger, and therefore more fuel-efficient and safer.

Photo: Emmy-award winning journalist and noted automotive industry expert, John McElroy, delivers the keynote address during an event at TRUMPF's Laser Technology Center.

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