Cy Laser to distribute Italian laser systems in North America

April 14, 2009

Cy Laser LLC, Chicago, and Campana Livio S.r.l. and Finsomac S.r.l., both located in Schio, Italy, have reached an agreement for the exclusive distribution of Cy Laser high-brilliance laser cutting systems, manufactured by the Italian companies, in North America. The agreement also includes an assembly operation for the systems in the U.S. starting this year.

According to the company, high-brilliance technology essentially simplifies the generation and management of the laser beam. Specifically, when used for sheet metal, plate, or pipe cutting, the power requirements of the laser are reduced substantially, while attainable cutting parameters are comparable to a traditional CO2 laser generator.

The systems can cut 0.79-in. mild steel, 0.39-in. stainless steel, and 0.39-in. aluminum, as well as brass and copper. The laser beam can be carried through a fiber-optic cable, eliminating the need for mirror sets.

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