GSI Lumonics distributor opens India’s first laser center

September 14, 2004

GSI Lumonics Inc.’s distributor, Optilase, has opened India’s first laser processing development center in the province of Chennai. The facilities are equipped with GSI’s JK series continuous-wave Nd:YAG lasers used with five-axis motion systems.

Optilase chartered the facility, known as Laserline Fabrication, to provide a center where welding, cutting, and drilling applications can be tested and developed from proof-of-principle samples through implementation and final process refinement.

According to Optilase/Laserline Fabrication’s owner and managing director, R. Sabarikanth, the initial development emphasis at the center is in the automotive, heavy electrical, and textile markets. The center will also be working on several joint development projects with the Indian Welding Society.