Hi-Tek Mfg. adds fiber laser system

September 3, 2013

Hi-Tek Mfg. adds fiber laser system - TheFabricator.com

Hi-Tek Mfg., Mason, Ohio, has acquired a Laserdyne 795XL laser system from Prima Power Laserdyne, Champlin, Minn.

Hi-Tek manufactures complex engineered components and assemblies for aircraft engines, airframes, and land-based industrial gas turbines. The new laser, which features a large work envelope, expands the company’s laser processing capabilities for these components and assemblies, most of which are fabricated from difficult-to-machine, high-temperature alloy materials.

The new system also adds capacity for hole drilling at very low angles to the surface in uncoated and thermal barrier-coated, heat-resistant materials. According to the company, this is important in the turbine engine industry for production of both land-based turbine engines and aero engines.

The machine integrates a 12-kW fiber laser. Its BeamDirector®3 features a contouring head design with C (rotary) axis motion of 900 degrees, and D (tilt) axis motion of 300 degrees. In addition to drilling, the 6-axis 3-D laser system is designed to cut and weld medium to large 3-D parts with its moving-beam design.

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