LaserCoil Technologies announces emergency blanking capability

June 6, 2014

LaserCoil Technologies LLC, Perrysburg, Ohio, has announced its ability to handle emergency blanking orders for companies facing production challenges.

As the LaserCoil system eliminates dependence on traditional press dies, setup for new components requires only software programming, and the same part can be cut from a range of different coil widths and materials. Programming for basic parts such as hoods and roofs takes about two hours, while more complex pieces can require a full day.

On short notice, the patented system can process up to 20,000 pieces/run from aluminum, mild steel, AHSS, and other coil materials, producing surface-sensitive panels and structural components in thicknesses from 0.02 to 0.14 in. and coil up to 6.5 ft. wide in any length.

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