TRUMPF LaserLab now on exhibit at the Connecticut Science Center

June 14, 2010

TRUMPF LaserLab now on exhibit at the Connecticut Science Center - TheFabricator

Where does laser power come from? How can lasers be made even stronger — and why do we need them to be power-packed in the first place?

These are just a few of the questions answered at TRUMPF’s LaserLab, now on exhibit at the Connecticut Science Center in downtown Hartford. Visitors to the LaserLab — children and adults — will learn all about lasers, including how the technology impacts everyday life.

The hands-on exhibit, courtesy of TRUMPF Inc., is making its North American debut at the Science Center through Sept. 4. The interactive exhibition was developed by TRUMPF mechanical engineering students from the Stuttgart University of Cooperative Education in Germany.

"We are extremely pleased to bring the LaserLab to the United States to celebrate this, the 50th anniversary year of laser technology," says Rolf Biekert, president and CEO of TRUMPF Inc. "The interactive stations in the exhibit will help make lasers interesting for everyone, but particularly for children. We hope the engaging manner in which lasers are presented in the LaserLab will encourage excitement and create interest in exploring career options in technology."

A highlight of the LaserLab is a foosball table where visitors can put their newly-acquired understanding of lasers to use. The laser foosball game works just like regular foosball. However, the ball is a laser beam that has to be directed into the goal with the help of adjustable mirrors.

Another popular station in the LaserLab requires a single person or a team to guide a laser beam through a labyrinth.

Based in Farmington, Conn., TRUMPF Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ditzingen, Germany-based TRUMPF group and serves as the company's North American headquarters.

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