Fine Tubes develops seamless titanium tubing for Airbus, Liebherr

January 14, 2014

Fine Tubes Ltd., Plymouth, U.K., has announced it is producing seamless Grade 9 and Grade 5 titanium tubing for Airbus and Liebherr. The tubing is used for the high-pressure hydraulic systems required for the Airbus A380 aircraft and for the high lift transmission systems designed and produced by Liebherr for the A350 XWB aircraft.

The titanium allows weight savings compared to steel or nickel-based alloys, while providing a tensile strength greater than that of austenitic or ferritic stainless steel. The material is highly resistant to corrosion, nonmagnetic, and has good heat transfer properties with a melting point higher than steel alloys'.

The company uses multiple combinations of different processes, including cold reductions and heat treatments, to manufacture the tubing.

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