Greer upgrades four rolling mills

January 10, 2012

Greer Steel, Dover, Ohio, a producer of cold-rolled steel strip to customer specifications, has completed significant upgrades on its 30-, 22-, and 18-in. rolling mills and its wire mill.

The most significant upgrades were to the 30-in. rolling mill, including the following structural and component changes:

  • Upgraded gearboxes and mounting systems help minimize edge wave to improve throughput.
  • Enhanced guide box helps provide better edge quality.
  • Optimized roll cooling helps improve product shape and enhance roll life.
  • New mass-flow software helps improve tolerances between the mill and roll checks, resulting in better Cpk performance.
  • Reworked screw-down cylinders help minimize downtime and possible loss of gauge performance.
  • Redesigned and reworked spindle jacks help minimize delays for misalignment during roll changes.
  • Two new coolant valves help minimize coolant carryover that can result in surface defects.

The 18-in. mill received a revamped hydromation room, new coolant valves, a pump upgrade, and a refurbished primary gearbox and spare gearbox. The 22-in. rolling mill has been upgraded with a new payoff reel. The wire mill has an upgraded control panel for increased line speed with improved tension control.