NIST, ASM Intl. collaborate on data repository project

July 10, 2013

The NIST Material Measurement Laboratory and ASM Intl., through its Computational Materials Data Network, have formed a collaboration: the Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project. The project will establish a data repository focused on metallic structural materials. The data repository, housed in the Materials Data Laboratory of the Computational Materials Data Network, will support data for use at a number of length scales, including first principles and phase-based information, quantitative microstructural descriptions, process information, as well as property and materials performance data.

Open access to the data repository will provide the materials digital data community with a resource for data analytics and informatics, modeling, and simulation, and for educational purposes. In addition, it will provide the opportunity for the development of data input and output protocols, as well as explore data schema and ontology development for this class of materials.

A pilot data repository is currently being established, with more extensive development planned. Progressively increasing involvement of the materials community is envisioned as the data repository is developed through a series of working groups and community engagement activities.

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