Nucor partners with The Dylan Ratigan Show to focus on America's future

December 7, 2010

Nucor Corp. and The Dylan Ratigan Show are partnering for a series of programs focused on solutions to the most pressing problems facing America today. Titled Steel on Wheels, these programs will originate from communities across the country and tackle issues vital to fixing our nation's problems.

"For years, we have been discussing the importance of American jobs and manufacturing to our country's economic well being," said Dan DiMicco, chairman, president and CEO of Nucor Corp. "This partnership provides another platform to highlight the urgent need to reinvigorate our manufacturing sector if we hope to grow our economy and create jobs.

"We face huge economic challenges in this country. We need a public - private partnership where our government and industry work together to advance job creation with bold action through both policy and investment. We all must make job creation priority number one," DiMicco said. "Our country needs a comprehensive program to restore manufacturing and create jobs by replacing our aging infrastructure, achieving energy independence and enforcing our trade agreements. We must return to being a nation that makes and builds things again and we believe the Steel on Wheels series will lend an important voice to the national debate on the economic crisis."

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