Victor Technologies realigns brand portfolio

November 13, 2012

Victor Technologies™ has announced that it has realigned its brand portfolio to position Victor® as the lead brand for cutting and gas control products.

The company's line-up now consists of:

  • Victor® Thermal Dynamics®, which encompasses manual and automated plasma cutting systems.
  • Victor®TurboTorch®, which includes air-fuel products for brazing and soldering.
  • Victor®Arcair®, which represents manual and automated gouging systems.
  • Oxyfuel cutting and gas control equipment remains branded as Victor.

The Victor announcement is part of the company's strategy to leverage the strength of its diverse brand portfolio and enhance its position as an innovative provider of cutting, welding and gas control solutions.

In May, Thermadyne Industries Inc. changed its name to Victor Technologies International Inc. "This announcement was more than just a name change," said Martin Quinn, CEO. "It marked the start of the transformation of the company and a return to our roots. Victor is our strongest and most recognized brand, and we are looking forward to building on that heritage as we celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2013."