Michigan Roll Form purchases Tru-Tech

March 16, 2010

Michigan Roll Form Inc., Fraser, Mich., a provider of metal fabricating machines and related tooling, has purchased the intellectual property and inventory items of Tru-Tech Tool and Machine Company, as of March 2010.

The purchase includes all machine and tooling designs/records, parts inventory, engineering drawings, sales records, and other customer-related items of Tru-Tech Tool and Machine Company. Michigan Roll Form also has obtained the exclusive rights to use the brand name, copyrights, and trademarks. All of the items have been moved from the former Muskegon, Mich. location to the current MRF facility in Fraser, Mich.

Steve Arens, president of Michigan Roll Form, said, "Our intent in making this acquisition is two-fold: first, as the exclusive owner of Tru-Tech's original engineering, we will provide the parts and service support that these customers deserve and will need going forward. Second, we will welcome this opportunity to showcase the full range of our abilities to new customers and offer them whatever products best serve their needs."

"We acquired the Contour Roll and Pneu-Powr brands back in 2000 under similar circumstances," explained Arens. "That broadened our product line and gave us new customers in some different markets. We are fully expecting the same benefits from acquiring Tru-Tech and anticipate having to increase our staffing to meet the new demands."

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