Roll-Kraft upgrades FEA system

September 16, 2008

Citing increased demand for finite element analysis (FEA) services in the roll forming and tubing industries, Roll-Kraft has announced upgrades to its current system. Updates included integration of a new dual-processor computer and upgrading the COPRA RF FEA software from dataM, Germany, to utilize the new computing power.

The new release of the FEA software has increased functionality, the company states. An engineer now will be able to designate which roll passes are driven and nondriven, define the line speed, and account for friction in the tooling. The program also can simulate nonsymmetrical, formed-up welded profiles. Roll-Kraft says early tests have resulted in a calculation time reduction of approximately 75 percent compared to the previous FEA system.

The decrease in calculation time will help permit more simulations of various tooling design concepts during the engineering phase. This will help decrease the amount of time a set of tooling spends in the testing phase. The addition of the rotating rolls, line speed, and friction functions will allow the prediction of possible surface condition problems in the finished product.

Roll-Kraft often utilizes the FEA system in an R&D role and collaborates with existing and potential customers to determine the feasibility of roll forming advanced materials and products.

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