PK USA orders first North American Lincoln Electric Guardian fire safety system

August 13, 2013

PK USA Inc., a Shelbyville, Ind.-based supplier of parts for automotive companies worldwide, will be the first company in North America to install Lincoln Electric's Guardian™ fire safety system for its existing welding and fume extraction systems.

The combination of oil or other flammable materials, fresh oxygen from the fan, and hot welding sparks can produce fires in welding and fume extraction systems. The fire safety system prevents, detects, and suppresses fires when a total system is installed. The spark arresters can stop fires before they start, while the limestone feeders provide chemical-fire protection to extinguish a fire if one occurs. The fire-detection panel, which activates dampers to shut off the air supply, triggers suppression components to extinguish a fire quickly.

The fire safety system is being installed in five arc welding cells at PK USA, with the first to be in full production by September.

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