SPFA honors safety excellence, achievement award winners

February 8, 2005

The Steel Plate Fabricators Association, a division of STI/SPFA, has announced its Safety Award of Excellence and Safety Award of Achievement awards for 2003-2004. The awards are presented annually by the Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (STI/SPFA) to recognize the highest achievements in safe performance for companies engaged in shop fabrication, inspection, maintenance, and field construction activities.

The Safety Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding safety performance and is awarded to companies with employees who have achieved a safety record of 12 consecutive months with zero OSHA recordable incidents. The Safety Award of Achievement is provided to companies with employees who have achieved a minimum 10 percent reduction in the rate of OSHA total recordable incidents, as compared with its average rate for the previous three years.

Awards of Excellence were presented to CB&I Industrial Turnarounds, CB&I Industrial Repairs, and CB&I Industrial Flats, all in The Woodlands, Texas; CB&I Water, Northern Division, Sewickley, Pa.; CB&I Industrial, Provo, Utah; CB&I Water, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; A&B Builders Ltd., Beaumont, Texas (CB&I affiliate); Continental Pipe Manufacturing Co. Inc., Pleasant Grove, Utah; and Taylor Forge Engineered Products, Greeley and Garnett, Kan.

Awards of Achievement were presented to Caldwell Tanks Inc., Louisville, Ky.; Caldwell Tanks Alliance LLC, Newnan, Ga.; CB&I Water, Warren, Pa.; CB&I industrial, Houston, Texas; CB&I Callidus, Tulsa, Okla.; CB&I Howe-Baker—Shiloh, Tyler, Texas; Price Brothers Co. — Bakewell Operations, Dayton, Ohio; Taylor Forge Engineered Systems Inc., Paola, Kan.; and Wyatt Field Service Co., Houston, Texas.