Ultra Tech Machinery to build EWI's first very high-power ultrasonic additive manufacturing machine

June 30, 2009

EWI has announced that it has signed an agreement with Ultra Tech Machinery to build the first very high-power ultrasonic additive manufacturing machine. The contract, valued at $1.1 million, was signed June 29 as part of the Wright Program granted to EWI by the State of Ohio.

"Ultra Tech Machinery is a unique and innovative machine tool manufacturer that is the right fit to make the advanced manufacturing technology developed at EWI a reality. This technology has the potential to be transformational—allowing rapid production of highly customized parts and tailored materials not achievable with other additive manufacturing technologies because of higher bond strength and lower cost," said Henry Cialone, President and CEO of EWI.

Bob Hagarty, vice president of Ultra Tech Machinery, commented, "We are excited to start a relationship with EWI to build a custom machine for industry. This project brings two Ohio companies together to develop the next generation of manufacturing technology."

According to EWI, the very high-power ultrasonic additive manufacturing machine will be the first of its kind. Capable of rapidly producing large parts from high-strength materials such as steel, Inconel, and titanium, the machine is well-suited for those looking to build highly custom near net-shape, complex components and parts using additive manufacturing of metals. This includes companies specializing in tool and die, rapid prototyping, integrated cooling devices, and low-dilution cladding. EWI has received interest from the military and aerospace industries.

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