RealWeld Systems addresses skilled-welding-labor shortage

June 28, 2012

EWI, Columbus, Ohio, has founded a spinout company, RealWeld Systems Inc., to commercialize its welder training technology. The spinout company's flagship product, RealWeld Trainerâ„¢ is based on exclusive licenses of EWI's patent-pending technology that measures and scores critical motions required in proper welding technique.

Over the last two years, EWI has developed a noncontact technology that measures the critical motions and angles required in proper welding technique while the trainee makes actual welds. For each welding skill to be taught, instructors can configure a welding specification in the RealWeld Trainer software application that includes a targeted zone, or sweet spot, for each of these critical motions. Each time the trainee performs a specific weld, the system provides immediate, objective, graphical feedback of all deviations from the sweet spot, allowing instructors to focus on helping the trainee to improve.

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