AIT forms strategic partnership with Elbit Systems of America

September 5, 2014

Plano, Texas-based Advanced Integration Technology (AIT), a global industrial automation and tooling company delivering fully integrated plant floor systems to the aerospace industry, has announced its strategic partnership with Elbit Systems of America to assume responsibility of some of Elbit Systems of America’s M7 Aerospace manufacturing operations in San Antonio, Texas. Now called AIT Aerospace Components and Services, AIT’s newest location continues to support Elbit Systems of America’s current and future business, as well as outside AIT contracts.

Located at the San Antonio International Airport, the new company offers chemical processing, aerostructures manufacturing, complete assembly builds, and aircraft parts and product support to the aerospace and aviation industries.

The new facility has 171,000 sq. ft. for assembly, a 43,000-sq.-ft. machine and subassembly shop, 25,500 sq. ft. for sheet metal fabrication, a 57,000-sq.-ft. warehouse, and 22,500 sq. ft. dedicated to chemical processing.