Association for Manufacturing Excellence launches AME Values Veterans program

March 19, 2014

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Rolling Meadows, Ill., held a kickoff symposium for its AME Values Veterans (AMEV2) program on March 14 at DMG Mori, Hoffman Estates, Ill. The program is designed to teach U.S. employers how to recapitalize their workforce by recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining veterans.

“The AMEV2 program is an outstanding way for businesses to gain valuable strategies for hiring employees who are talented, loyal, who show up on time, take direction well, and thrive in a team environment,” said Nancy Wajler, director of education and training for AME.

At the symposium, Randy Harland, executive vice president, DMG Mori, gave examples of how veterans have consistently outperformed their peers and significantly contributed directly to their employers’ bottom lines. Retired Col. Larry Kaifesh, Illinois 8th Congressional District candidate, explained that while veterans are some of the best candidates for employment, “we cannot just wait for them to navigate our current system, because that is just not working.”

“This is all about running a more profitable business,” said Joe Barto, founder and president of Training Modernization Group, who has partnered with AME to develop and implement a certification program to recognize employers who have received the AMEV2 training and have pledged to hire and retain vets.

“Today we had six employers from small and medium-sized businesses pledge to hire and retain 19 veterans over the next year,” said Barto. “When a small business that will only hire four or five people pledge to hire and retain two vets, it is an incredible testament to the program, because the only reason they will is because these vets will outperform their peers hired at the same time.”