Delphi Technologies forms consortium to validate welding technology

August 10, 2004

Delphi Technologies Inc. (DTI), Troy, Mich., a subsidiary of Delphi Corp., has formed a consortium to validate its deformation resistance welding (DRW) technology—the first step toward commercializing the technology in nonautomotive applications.

DRW is a welding method for joining metal tubes to solids, sheet metal, and other tubes. The process creates atomically bonded solid-state joints through the heating and deformation of the mating surfaces. According to the company, DRW creates leak-tight joints with uniform circumferential weld strength.

During the validation phase of development, the company will work with nine U.S. and European heat transfer companies to weld tubes to a tube sheet that is included in the tube bundle of a heat exchanger. Members of the consortium include Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV, Brown Fintube Co., Cust-O-Fab Inc., Energy Exchanger Co., GEA Rainey Corp., Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers Inc., Krueger Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Inc., and Linde AG.

Unitek Miyachi Corp., AddisonMckee Inc., Roman Manufacturing Inc., and the Taylor-Winfield Corp. will provide machinery and supplies for the validation effort, which will take place at Cust-O-Fab, near Tulsa, beginning in late summer. DTI will manage the project, which will last approximately six months.

Upon a successful validation, DTI will pursue licensing opportunities for the technology with consortium members.