D&S Mfg. provides scholarshiops for girls' engineering program

August 11, 2009

D&S Mfg., Black River Falls, Wis., has presented scholarships for the STEPS for Girls summer program to two local students from Black River Falls Middle School. Jessa Ammann and Kyleigh Nandory were selected, based on merit, by a panel of their teachers.

"Through partnership with our community's school district, D&S is proud to continue its support of this valuable program, which has been enthusiastically endorsed by past participants," said Michael Dougherty, president of D&S.

According to Sherrie Hein, human resources manager for D&S, STEPS (Science, Technology and Engineering Preview) was established in 1997 by the University of Wisconsin – Stout as a way to encourage 12-year-old girls to pursue nontraditional careers requiring skills in the areas of math and science. The five-day program, which is held four times each summer, exposes students to electronics, physics, motors, metal casting and bending, plastic thermoforming, and computer operations while providing insight into the college campus. Each student applies the knowledge gained within these various disciplines to create a fully operational, radio-controlled speed boat.

"It has been proven that graduates of this program are significantly more likely to pursue degrees in engineering and other highly technical fields of study. By creating awareness at an early age, students are able to make the curriculum choices necessary so that they are well positioned to meet scholastic requirements once they enter college," Hein concluded.

D&S Mfg. is a custom manufacturer of large-scale components, assemblies, and complete weldments, using processes including laser, high-definition plasma and oxyfuel cutting, manual and robotic welding, and machining.

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