D&S Mfg. receives award for commitment to manufacturing education

March 29, 2011

D&S Mfg., Black River Falls, Wis., has received a 2010 Appreciation Award from Advanced Mfg. Network – Northwest for continued support of manufacturing education and the Gold Collar Careers initiative.

D&S employees were recognized specifically for their participation in the development of a promotional video designed to encourage middle and beginning high school students to choose careers in manufacturing. The project was made possible through a grant provided by the Wisconsin Technical College System.

"High-tech manufacturing and engineering jobs are considered "gold collar" careers, in part because these employees — from both the blue collar and white collar work forces — are compensated above the median wage in the U.S. and in our region," said Joni Geroux, marketing and sales coordinator for the Northwest Wisconsin Manufacturing Outreach Center.

"Our objective is to favorably influence the perception of students, parents, counselors, and teachers by showcasing the many career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector," Geroux continued. "There is a growing concern, particularly in the northwestern portion of the state of Wisconsin, that changing age demographics will eventually result in a lack of trained and skilled workers entering the work force. By taking positive action now, we have the opportunity to reverse that trend."

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