E-course highlights weld discontinuities and defects

April 24, 2013

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, Ohio, has released a new online course called Discontinuities and Defects, designed for people involved in arc welding inspection, quality control, engineering, and supervision.

The online course contains five video segments, totaling a run time of 70 minutes. These segments cover weld inspector responsibilities related to discontinuities and defects, as well as identification and definition of weld discontinuities and defects. They also present the common causes of discontinuities related to shape, size, contour, internal inconsistencies, weld metal irregularities, and weld and base metal properties.

Users take the course at their own pace from their computer. They view videos and take an online review test for each video section. At the conclusion of the five video topics, they take a final test. A score of 76 percent or higher earns them a certificate of completion containing the 1.0 continuing education unit earned for the course.

The course is found at www.welding.org/c-54-e-courses.aspx.