GoIndustry DoveBid, GE Healthcare announce strategic collaboration

November 4, 2009

GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company, has announced a strategic collaboration with GoIndustry DoveBid (GoIDB). The partnership enhances GE Healthcare's asset disposal capabilities and expands its ability to provide critical business intelligence to customers by providing data from GoIDB as an integrated part of its Scientific Asset Services (SAS) programs.

The collaboration allows GE Healthcare to provide its customers with advice on residual value, life span, market trends, and best practices in disposal of scientific equipment. According to the company, customers also benefit from a rapid route to dispose of surplus or under-utilized equipment, releasing capital back into their businesses. "Thisindustry-leading collaboration will enhance our asset life cycle management solution," says Mike Benevento, GM Services, GE Healthcare. "With the data provided by GoIDB we can ensure that our customers receive the intelligence they need to enable them to make confident and informed decisions on what to do with their underutilized or obsolete assets, unlocking some capital into their operations."

Jack G. Reinelt, CEO at GoIDB commented: "We are excited about this opportunity to work with GE Healthcare. Our unique position within the second-hand equipment market enables us to provide GE Healthcare's customers with up-to-date asset market data plus the ability to dispose of surplus equipment through our well-established auctions guaranteeing customers the best return."

Additional details about the collaboration can be found here.

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