Impulse Mfg. to expand capabilities with coating system

August 5, 2013

Metal fabricator Impulse Mfg. has confirmed plans to install an Autophoretic® autodeposition (A-coat) coating system at its Dawsonville, Ga., facility.

Current plans are for an 11-stage pretreatment process that includes acid bath and pickling stages for carbon edge removal, autodeposition application, and various cleaning stages. The system also will include a Nordson ColorMax topcoat booth for powder application post-treatment. Equipped with variable-speed controls for line speeds of up to 18 FPM, it can process 4- by 6-ft. parts and support weights greater than 1,000 lbs.

Autodeposition is a water-based process that uses chemical reactions with the surfaces of ferrous objects to deposit the coating. The process enables heat-resistant ferrous metal parts to be coated without depositing coating on nonferrous pieces. It provides anticorrosion protection for many applications, including vehicle components. The epoxy-acrylic urethane coating features heat-resistant stability and elasticity.

The system provides complete coverage on complex shapes and hard-to-reach recesses on ferrous parts.

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