Kennametal CEO debunks manufacturing myths, calls on industry leaders to remake American dream

May 14, 2014

Addressing an audience as keynote speaker at the Industry Week Best Plants conference in Milwaukee on May 7, Kennametal Inc. Chairman, President, and CEO Carlos Cardoso debunked common myths about manufacturing and encouraged manufacturing leaders to be the change the industry needs to remake the American dream.

"If we don't turn these myths around, we won't be able to find the skilled people we need to fill the jobs we have today, nor for the massive wave of retirements we face," Cardoso said. "In my opinion, this is nothing short of a national emergency."

With more than half a million high-paying manufacturing jobs available right now and more to come as nearly 2.7 million baby boomers retire from the industry in the next decade, Cardoso called for action from industry leaders to “be the change” through advocacy, collaboration, and educational engagement, including:

  • Stronger coordination and accountability across federal and state workforce programs as well as direct industry involvement at regional levels to ensure funding programs that deliver results.
  • Greater collaboration crossing industry lines into academia and public and private sectors to resolve the challenges we face and foster more innovative solutions.
  • Better involvement with educational institutions in the community to provide expertise in curriculum development for students, teachers, and guidance counselors to highlight career opportunities in manufacturing.

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