Manufacturing Leadership Council announces new critical-issues agenda

August 22, 2013

The Manufacturing Leadership Council | Frost & Sullivan, Mountain View, Calif., a global business network for senior industrial executives, has announced a new critical-issues agenda for 2013-2014. This "Agenda for Progress" identifies the most vital issues facing the global manufacturing industry over the next 12 months.

The council added cybersecurity to the agenda for the first time, reflecting the growing importance of digital security concerns across the increasingly automated manufacturing sector. Council members also strengthened their focus on manufacturing advocacy for 2013-2014, aiming to highlight the economic, social, and innovative role of the manufacturing sector among governments, associations, academia, and the next-generation workforce.

The full agenda includes the adaptive organization, cybersecurity, factories of the future, the innovation enterprise, manufacturing advocacy, leadership and the changing workforce, redefining the supply chain, sustainability, and transformative technologies.

The agenda is the result of an extensive consultation process with more than 100 senior executive members of the Manufacturing Leadership Council and the Manufacturing Leadership Board of Governors. It sets a focus for all of the Manufacturing Leadership Council's key content development activities and executive programs for the year ahead.

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