Promotion provides turntable pallet wrapper at no charge

June 9, 2009

GaleWrap, an ITW Corp. company, has introduced a new program offering the GW-1200™ turntable pallet wrapper at no charge. This promotion is for new business only and requires a 12-pallet annual machine film commitment. Free spare parts for wearable items are provided, and the machine and film are drop-shipped to the end user.

The wrapper serves as an alternative to conventional hand wrapping and provides automated pallet/load wrapping to help eliminate load failures, improve productivity, and reduce worker injuries. The unit provides production speeds of 20 loads/hr., a maximum load capacity of 4,000 lbs., and load height of 90 in.

The wrapper is equipped with a manually adjustable film tension and works exclusively with GaleWrap® oriented film. The turntable is 65 in. in diameter and is 3-1/4 in. from the floor. The wrapper is controlled by PLC with a wrap up/down cycle and adjustable top and bottom wrap pattern selection from one to nine wraps.