Schuette Metals wins 2013 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year special award

March 5, 2014

Schuette Metals, Milwaukee, a manufacturer of fabricated metal components for the architectural, agricultural, energy, and defense industries, is one of nine Wisconsin companies awarded the 2013 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

Schuette, which received the Investing in the Future Award, has led the way in the formation of the Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturers Alliance, a group tasked with reaching students, starting in junior high, with a message that manufacturing is high-tech and full of opportunity. The company serves as a connector for its suppliers, technical colleges, and politicians in developing a training curriculum that addresses soft and hard skills for ethnic groups, the unemployed, and underemployed.

The company won the award for its dedication to its skills-based training program. All participants in Scheutte’s training program receive mentoring on a regular basis. The company also offers two weeks of additional training each year for workers on the shop floor that goes beyond mandatory training.