Sioux Corp. celebrates 75 years in business

November 18, 2013

Sioux Corp. celebrates 75 years in business -

Sioux Corp., a manufacturer of industrial pressure washers, steam cleaners, water heating and cooling systems, steam generators, and related custom equipment, marks its 75th anniversary during 2014. The company will host a variety of community events, employee celebrations, tradeshow promotions, and customer contests.

Founded in 1939 in Beresford, S.D., the company initially manufactured steam cleaners used to clean automobile engines. Over the years the company began designing water heaters, steam generators, and additional models of steam cleaners and hot- and cold-water pressure washers with larger capacities and pressures for applications in other industries.

Today Sioux has a 50,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing plant and office facility on a 15-acre site in Beresford.

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