Schuler Group installs stamping press lines at BMW

November 10, 2009

The Schuler Group has installed two new stamping press lines with ServoDirect technology, blank loaders, crossbar feeder automation, and end-of-line areas at the BMW Group's facilities in Leipzig and Regensburg, Germany. Another line is to be installed at BMW Munich in mid-2011.The 320-ft. line installed in Leipzig comprises a blank loader, six servo presses, and ergonomic part outfeed units. BMW plans to produce more than 40 different parts on the line for its BMW X1® and BMW 1® series. The crossbar feeder transports parts from one press stage to the next. The line has a total press force of 11,600 U.S. tons, of which the lead-off press alone accounts for 2,800 tons.

While the line is compact, it can be used with dies measuring up to 16 ft. The combination of such large dies with a servo press line delivering 17 SPM makes it the fastest press line in the world for its size, according to Schuler.

The slide movements of all presses can be adapted individually for each part to the specific forming process, die, and part transport. During the die tryout phase, BMW can adjust each of the presses in the line independently of each other; the operator is able to control the setup speed for each die with a hand-held adjustment dial.

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