Schuler Group to install two press lines for Shanghai General Motors

May 2, 2011

Schuler Group, Canton, Mich., has announced that it will install two press lines at Shanghai General Motors (SGM), Shenyang, China, for the manufacture of 40 different body panel parts. Production of stamped parts for two car models is expected to start in mid-2012.

The two identical press lines will feature a draw press with 2,000 tons of press force and three follow-on presses with 1,000 tons of force each. Both press lines will be equipped with automation systems that can transport large body panels between presses and handle part unloading, repositioning, and placement into the subsequent forming station.

Both press lines can be set up for different parts several times per shift. Following a fully automatic die change, it takes less than three minutes for the lines to start producing again, the company reports. This is especially important for SGM, as the company produces mainly lean batch sizes.

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