AIDA acquires Manzoni and Rovetta

December 7, 2004

AIDA has acquired Manzoni and Rovetta. Dr. Guido Puccio, commissario of Manzoni Group S.p.A. in Amministrazione Straordinaria, and Kimikazu Aida, president of AIDA Engineering Ltd., the parent company of AIDA's global operations, signed the final agreement on the sale of the Manzoni and Rovetta businesses Oct. 25.

The new company will operate under the name AIDA S.r.l., manufacturing products under the Manzoni and Rovetta brands. It also will supply Europe with AIDA presses. License production of the presses and new-product development are planned.

AIDA will use its worldwide sales network to promote Manzoni and Rovetta products to Asia, North America, and other areas.

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