Beckwood Press delivers custom hydraulic press to Ducommun AeroStructures

February 13, 2014

Beckwood Press Co., St. Louis, has built and delivered a new 75-ton hot forming press to Ducommun AeroStructures in Coxsackie, N.Y, a manufacturer of contoured aerostructure components.

The press, which can form titanium, reaches temperatures of 1,600 degrees F. It provides multiple zones of heat control for temperature uniformity. The even distribution of heat into the forming process increases the malleability of the titanium, while reducing springback, according to the company.

Beckwood’s Active Leveling System (ALC) maintains a 0.002-in. bed-to-ram parallelism, despite off-center loading caused by part geometry or warped tooling. Pressing speed control via the HMI goes down to 0.25 IPM. Operators can save all heat and press control parameters, per part.

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