Coe Press Equipment installs straightener, reel at Wellman Friction Products

May 10, 2012

Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, Mich., has installed a new CPPS-406-42 clamshell power straightener and a CPR-PO-15042 coil reel at Wellman Friction Products in Akron, Ohio, replacing the company's current equipment. Wellman is using the straightener in a line that feeds an existing 600-ton press producing large clutch plates for use in earthmoving and farming equipment.

The straightener can process material up to 42 in. wide and up to 0.250 in. thick. The 30-HP, AC, variable-speed drive can run up to 60 FPM. Inspection, maintenance, and cleaning are simplified by a head lift function and top rollers that separate from the bottom rollers to provide access to the straightening rolls.

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