Coe Press Equipment provides coil feeding lines for Liberty Steel blanking operations

April 18, 2014

Coe Press Equipment has installed two new coil feeding lines for steel processor Liberty Steel at its Warren, Ohio, and Saltillo, Mexico, facilities to support heavy-gauge blanking operations.

Both of the new lines are specified to process steels with yield strengths up to 85,000 PSI. The Saltillo line can process material 0.210 in. thick by 54 in. wide, while the Warren line is designed to process material that is 0.250 in. thick by 42 in. wide. Configured with looping pits, both lines handle coils up to 50,000 lbs. and have a maximum line speed rating of 100 FPM.

The key component of each line is the company’s new CPPS-507 series heavy-duty power straightener. This straightener is provided with high-flight backups that eliminate roll deflection and provide the material flatness results required for blanking operations, states the company.

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