Connecticut Spring & Stamping establishes in-house apprenticeship program

August 15, 2013

Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a Farmington, Conn., manufacturer of precision parts for the medical, aerospace, firearms, and defense industries worldwide, has developed its own in-house apprenticeship program to train enough skilled workers to meet its capacity and continue to grow the company.

Tailored to the skill sets required for tool- and diemakers and various spring coiler setup operations, the program replaces formerly state-funded training for skilled manufacturing workers. It includes specific tracks for CNC production setup, press and fou-rslide diemakers, stamping press setup operator, four-slide setup operator, and heat set setup operator.

Under the direction of a qualified training instructor and using the guidelines established by the state apprenticeship program for becoming a certified skilled worker in Connecticut, apprentices are trained in tasks assigned to each competency (basic, intermediate, and advanced) for each position. After successfully completing each competency, the apprentice receives an increase in compensation.

The program is funded with grants from the Connecticut Department of Labor's 21st Century Skills Training Program and the Advance Training Grant Program.