Houghton and SBS form marketing, sales alliance

December 7, 2004

Houghton Intl. Inc.'s Heat Treatment Div. has formed a marketing and sales alliance with Rochester, Mich.-based SBS Corp., a manufacturer of cooling, heating, and filtration equipment.

According to the agreement, Houghton's global sales network will carry SBS's product line as part of its QUENCHARE™ heat treatment support service. Both companies will continue to manufacture and provide technical service for their existing, respective product lines.

SBS designs and manufacturers air-cooled heat exchangers, atmosphere generator coolers, and filtration systems. Before the alliance, SBS marketed these products almost exclusively to heat treatment operations. The alliance enables SBS to expand its product base to the other metalworking process areas that Houghton currently serves, including die casting, stamping, and tooling.

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