Schuler supplies servo press to Feintool Group

November 26, 2012

Schuler, Canton, Mich., has installed a 12-station, custom servo press at the Feintool Group's Nashville facility, extending its drive train capabilities. The 1,600-ton press, with an 18-ft. bed, complements Feintool's existing equipment, including a 2,000-ton press. The new press is designed for 3-D and intricately formed transmission and power train components.

Feintool's automotive products, such as disc carriers, pistons, and drive plates, are formed, rolled, and trimmed in a single run within the press. The press's three-axis transfer system and complex tooling stations also provide in-tool rolling of tooth geometries to help ensure precision forming and accuracy of the transmission components. The slide movement of the servo press can be adapted to each part made, according to the necessary forming process.

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