FARO offers technology test drive

May 12, 2009

Hoping "to help get the manufacturing process moving again," FARO Technologies has unveiled a Technology Test Drive program it says will put the company's leading-edge 3D measurement devices on customers' shop floors without capital expense and help them implement necessary technology to remain competitive during these difficult economic times.

The program makes the company's entire line of portable 3D measurement and imaging devices available to customers over a four-month period for a monthly fee as low as $2,000 with 100 percent of that fee applied to the purchase at the end of the test drive, after which FARO will replace the test-driven unit with a brand new device. As well, the fee includes unlimited training throughout the test drive to assure that the customer's employees are able to fully integrate the technology into their business process. In the event the customer cannot fully justify the technology, they can simply return it at the end of the four months.

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