Mahr Federal expands Application Center at headquarters

February 25, 2013

Mahr Federal expands Application Center at headquarters -

Mahr Federal has expanded the Application Center at its Providence, R.I., headquarters, more than doubling the available space. The new center includes a wider variety of dimensional gauging and metrology systems equipment to expand application development activity and allow increased customer participation.

"Where we had a form machine and a surface machine and a contour machine before, we now have three form machines and four surface and contour machines," said Pat Nugent, vice president for metrology systems. Also included in the new center are more precision-length products for the calibration of a variety of gauge types.

"We've also set up an area with a large granite surface plate," said Nugent, "which allows us to work with … 2-D and 3-D height gauges, as well as other fixture and layout equipment."