CSI orders tube welding line from SMS Meer

March 7, 2013

California Steel Industries (CSI), Fontana, Calif., has placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for the delivery of a 24-in. HF tube welding line. The line will enable the company to expand its maximum HF tube OD from 16 to 24 in. in lengths up to 80 ft.

The line is designed to produce pipes at a rate of 114.83 FPM. It will include SMS Meer's inline and offline quick-change system for the URD® stands. The quick-change system is supported by the CSSQuicksetting® system, which uses a database-supported plant setting to help ensure product quality can be reproduced and improved over the long term.

With the traveling MF seam annealing system, pipe that is insufficiently annealed can be reannealed during a line stop.

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