Fontijne Grotnes Group, Sango Co. sign license agreement

August 5, 2013

Sango, a Japan-based manufacturer of automotive components, and the Fontijne Grotnes Group, a Netherlands supplier of manufacturing equipment and processes, have signed a license agreement allowing the Fontijne Grotnes Group company Fontijne Formitt to market CNC eccentric and oblique spinforming equipment.

The spinning processes, used to produce catalytic converters, form a reduced end profile that is eccentric or at an oblique angle from the tube's central axis. The processes can produce one-piece products, eliminating the need for additional parts, such as welded end cones.

The machines are equipped with a workholding clamp and use a two-roll rotating head for part forming without rotating the part. They feature continuous headstock rotation and an onboard trimming mechanism.

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