API product-maker installs Thermatool machines

May 22, 2013

API product-maker installs Thermatool machines - TheFabricator.com

Thermatool Corp., East Haven, Conn., has announced that a North American producer of API products has completed the installation of a 1,200-kW HAZControl™ technology, dual solid-state HF welding machine and three Thermatool® seam annealers.

The welding machine can operate in induction or contact mode on the same mill, helping to reduce changeover time between products. The software provides stable, precise heat input control of power and frequency independently in 1-kW and 1-kHz increments, the company reports. The unit is used to weld 6.625- to 20-in.-OD P110 and other API grade steels with wall thicknesses from 0.28 to 0.55 in. at speeds up to 82.02 FPM.

The seam annealers were installed to eliminate martensite in the weld seam as required by API specification. The Smart Anneal™ operator control system automates and simplifies many operators' tasks. Features include closed-loop seam temperature control, video-based seam tracking, and real-time data logging.

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