Bronx/Taylor-Wilson ships pipe facing machines to Brazilian manufacturer

November 29, 2010

Bronx/Taylor-Wilson, North Canton, Ohio, has announced the shipment of two 16-in. facers to a pipe and tube manufacturer in Brazil. The machines are being installed in a new plant as part of a finishing line with two facing/chamfering/reaming machines to produce pipes in diameters from 6.625 to 16 in.

The machines are designed to face, chamfer, and ream the ends of pipe automatically. They are part of an integrated system designed to process one end of a pipe at the first machine and perform the same machining sequence on the opposite end of the pipe at the second machine. They will cut a bevel on the outside corner to remove a sharp edge or provide an angle for welding, and they will cut the end face square to the center axis of the pipe and cut a bevel on the inside corner to remove a sharp burr.

The PLC machines hold the tube in a single position while cutting occurs in one feed stroke of the spindle housing. The carbide cutting tool inserts are held in cartridges, which are mounted on the face of the rotating spindle. The radial position of the tools can be fixed or floating depending on the type of end geometry required.

All machining operations performed on the pipe end are directed by the PLC through the use of an HMI located in the operator station. The PLC also controls the operation of spindle drives, servo axis controller, clamps, and ancillary equipment.

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