Scott Process Systems Inc. completes three-year ASME recertification

February 24, 2009

Scott Process Systems Inc., Hartville, Ohio, announced that it has successfully completed the recertification of its full slate of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code stamps, including S – Power Boiler, PP – Power Piping Systems, U – Unfired Pressure Vessels, N – Nuclear Components, NPT – Nuclear Piping Systems (with and without design) and NS – Nuclear Supports (with and without design authority). The successful ASME recertification will continue through January 2012.

Scott Process Systems is a fabricator of process, power, and nuclear piping systems used in the power generation industry. While the company has seen growth in the power generation industry, it also has expertise in pipe fabrication in various industries.

The company's certification also includes National Board Inspection Code R-Repair, and it has experience in fabricating components under the European Pressure Equipment Directive.