Tube, pipe trade fair sees increased attendance

September 12, 2006

Tube 2006, International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair, held in Dsseldorf, Germany, attracted 28,600 attendees, an increase of 7.5 percent compared with the previous event held in 2004.

The visitors came from 76 countries, with 50 percent arriving from countries other than Germany. The majority of international trade visitors came from India, North America, South and Central America, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Attendees were from the following sectors: trade (23 percent); tube and pipe production (19 percent); iron, steel, and nonferrous metals (11 percent); vehicle (8 percent); and trades (6 percent).

The majority of attendees were interested in tubes, pipes, and accessories, followed by pipe and tube processing machinery, raw materials, tube and pipe manufacturing, and finishing machinery.